Are you planning to commit sucicide ? Before that just read this , sure it will change your mind

If the answer is yes , that you are so stressed because of COVID Crisis that you can't understand what you must do next

We can understand in time such as these many of you out there are shattered, are in pain , hoping for a ray of chance , but being hopeless

Reviewing the recent sucicide cases

Our CEO Deepak prajapati , was quite stressed with the attempts of sucicide , and desired to talk to people about it

So in a conversation with him our co-founder Litty shaji marked some motivation words that is sure to boost your morale

This conversation took place on June 11 , when it was reported that a celebrity manager had committed sucicide

With the melancholic feeling of losing soul

Litty shaji , reportedly spoke to CEO Deepak prajapati

And in the discussion Deepak , spoke few words that really boosted us , and also would boost you too

He said " the cause has definitely caused the man's psyche to think more emotional and during these crisis mankind has been stressed a lot thinking about what would the future hold for them , would their dreams , goals ,passion ,job , still be like what it used to be , now people are quite depressed thinking about their lifestyle issues

But these times , also hold hope

For in these times do we know what storms actually mean ,

And if the wind roars and there is huge storm ahead ,

We are not to be afraid but to stand strong enough to fight it and move on "

Adding with this litty shaji said " that's completely true , people are going insane now because they are so much stressed about all the 'hows' , but now is that time that we all must understand that we can only fight this storm with the grace of Christ

And we need not to be afraid of our tommorow

But must stand strong , for tommorow itself has many things to worry about so why not stand strong and fight the storm that is hitting our present

There may be 99 reasons to quite but there is one 1 chance to live and that is the hope for the future

We quite because we think that one storm ends all thing

But we hope and move on thinking that there is a master who sees all , and who shall help us during this time "

We deliberately think that sucicide is definitely not the solution over our problems for if we ever need to fight our problems we need to be sure to face it , no matter how hard it may be

We must fight the battle that is in our mind by standing strong enough , and we must remember problems are solved with solutions not through escaping the problem

If COVID Crisis has stumbled us in the valley of problem then we must be sure to look for the ladder of solution that can help us

And as beautifully litty shaji quoted " our battles can not just be fought with man's power but with grace of Christ " we believe that it's so true , we must believe that Christ Jesus would make a way , and we must be sure enough to look forward with hope and not quite the battle named life

For there is a way , where there is no way

( And Christ Jesus makes a way where there is no way , all that we must do is hope in his grace and fight this battle with hope , light , love , joy and peace )

You are a warrior , you survived this long and still have the power of choice to survive more day , just remember you were not purposed to quite , but to fight , because your life makes a difference .
To quite is easy , when things don't make you feel easy , but Jesus has given all of us the power to stand strong and not to be drowned while we are in the raging waters , SO USE THAT POWER , DO NOT NEGLECT IT AND END YOUR LIFE THAT IS MORE WORTH THEN RUBIES